Our painting professionals take pride in the work they produce. See below for a list of the jobs we can do for you…

With our many painting vendors throughout the city, JEM has you covered with whatever color you need. From painting doors and frames to a hallway full of stripes. 

New Construction

With simple guidance and direction, JEM can paint all new construction.

Office Renovations

Our paint professionals can paint up to 3,600 SQFT a day.

Doors & Frames

Hollow metal doors and frames, residential doors and RACO frames can all be painted. Ask about our staining options.

Tape & Float

Our designated tape and float crew have 20 years of experience.

Accent Walls / Stripes

We can provide a fan deck, you just tell us how many accent walls and stripes you need.

Cabinets & Shelving

We can stain and paint most types of cabinets and shelves.

Read our full page on exterior painting